Create your future at Deeth & Co. LLP

At Deeth & Co LLP. we’re proud to have cultivated a culture where everyone feels welcome and needed. 

A major factor in your success as a student is choosing the right place to work. Our co-op opportunities offer you inclusive, challenging, and collaborative experiences that will enable you to grow the skills you need to succeed. At Deeth, we know how important this is and that’s why we not only work to provide you with mentorship and growth possibilities, we also work to provide you with opportunities you may not have elsewhere.

Why Deeth?

At Deeth & Co. you define your success. We provide you with the tools and opportunities so that you can build your best career. We want you to reach your career goals, whatever they may be. Maybe that means one day becoming a partner, or maybe your career will go in a different direction. Whatever your goals are, we can tailor your career development to meet your career plans. Working at Deeth will allow you to interact with business clients of all sizes and in different industries. We encourage you to state your interests and goals so we can help you drive your career in a way that matters most to you.

Meet Andy Day and Rajit Paruchuri

Andy and Rajit both began their careers as co-op students for Deeth’s current Managing Partner, Richard Clarke. They are now both managers at Deeth, providing mentoring and coaching to our junior staff while leading and managing client relationships in all industries.


What does the Deeth & Co Training program look like?

At Deeth, we provide you with a full range of business improvement experiences. Our co-op programs begin with an interactive orientation that includes an introduction to our software, employee shadowing, online learning, and more. We believe that the best training comes through learning by application. Therefore, we will train you to use our systems by diving straight into work and learning as you go.

How will my work be evaluated?

At Deeth, each time you complete an engagement you will receive feedback in the form of queries from managers. This enables you to correct any possible errors that may have occurred, while also learning about what you did correctly for application on your next engagement. You will also be given an overall evaluation prior to the end of your term from one of our managers.

How will my career progress?

You will be provided with guidelines on what it takes to develop your career at Deeth. We often offer our Co-op students full time positions. Our goal is to continue to develop your talents to help you become a full-time staff member. Our Team members play a vital role, and we want you to have a lasting employment experience with our firm.

I don’t see any postings at my school, can I still apply?

Yes, you can still apply. Please check our Current Opportunities section and apply for a suitable position online. Remember to include your cover letter, resume and unofficial transcript.

Is Deeth & Co. LLP an accredited CPA Approved Training office?

Yes, at Deeth, you can work with confidence knowing that any time recorded will count towards your hours required for the CPA designation.

Timelines / When to Apply

At Deeth, we offer both 4 and 8-month co-op work terms. While you may only see a posting for a 4 or 8-month work term, we are often open to either one.  Just let us know your time preference in your application.

For Summer Work Term

  • Apply in January
  • Interviews and hiring decisions occur Feb – April
  • Work term goes from May – August

For Fall Work Term

  • Apply in May
  • Interviews and hiring decisions occur June-Aug
  • Work term goes from Sept- December

For Winter Work Term

  • Apply in September
  • Interviews and hiring decisions occur October – December
  • Work term goes from January – April

Your work term at Deeth & Co. will provide you with a variety of tools, as well as objectives that will keep you challenged. You will be exposed to a variety of client businesses in all industries, and you will work closely with a mentor who is well aware of your CPA experience requirements.