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Non-profit organizations provide important services to the communities they serve. They also have many of the same challenges as for-profit enterprises. Although volunteers play important roles, and fill important vacancies in most non-profit groups, your accounting and data inputting should be provided by professionals. Unpaid personnel can’t be expected to provide the level of interest that paid staff members have.

To provide more services, your organization must grow, and the basis of that growth is accurate and timely financial data. This is the bedrock to building a successful structure. Non-profit stakeholders also need current information to base their continued support on. Complete and accurate financial statements are the best way to present a current picture to these ‘need to know’ participants.

Accounting firms that are familiar with a non-profit group’s special needs can drill down in the areas that are the most sensitive. If your organization relies on grant funding, the funds will likely come with restrictions on how they can be applied as well. It’s important to keep track of where the funds were spent, and how they complied with the grant terms. We can keep you in compliance.


  • Grant funding tax implications
  • Donation and fund-raising accounting
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