Tax Services

Tax services encompass more than the accurate calculation of provincial and federal taxes to be paid. A tax specialist will not only know how to keep clients compliant with all the regulations but also be an expert in legally minimizing the amount of tax to be paid in any taxable situation. Tax regulations are complicated and ever changing. To stay in compliance with tax laws, both business operators and individuals need tax advice from time to time. Occasionally, a lack of information, or short-term decisions can lead to tax problems. This is when you need a specialist to not only recommend solutions but to protect the long-term interests of a business, and the individuals connected to it.

Our Services include:

  • Corporate tax planning
  • Personal tax planning
  • Preparation of corporate and public tax returns
  • Estate planning
  • Trust tax preparation
  • Preparation of government slips (i.e., T4 and T5 etc.)
  • Federal and Provincial sales tax (GST / HST)
  • Tax planning (for retirement, buying / selling a business etc.)
  • Employer Health Tax
  • Workplace Safety and Insurance Board
  • Grants and incentives

Service Benefits

Regardless of whether you are a new business owner, or in the mature stages of your business arc, we have the tested strategies to minimize your taxes.

  • We are familiar with all Ontario Business Tax Credits
  • Recommendations for family tax requirements

Service Features

We maintain a large enough staff year-round to manage tax deadline and quarterly time pressures in a quick and efficient manner.

  • Business owner tax strategies
  • Experts at defending tax disputes